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dc.description The application „Rendering of personal names in Latvian” is electronic multilingual dictionary of names. Currently information about rendering of personal names and versions of rendering, rules of rendering and further reading about 28 languages can be found on this web-site. The dictionary is based on the principles of rendering of proper names published since the 1960's. Rendering of foreign personal names is defined by State Language Law and Regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers, No.114 „Regulations Regarding the Written Form and Use in the Latvian Language of Personal Names, and also Identification Thereof” (02.03.2004.).
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dc.publisher Latvian Language Agency
dc.subject personal names
dc.subject rendering of personal names
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dc.title Rendering of personal names in Latvian: database
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branding CLARIN Centre of Latvian language resources and tools
contact.person Evelīna Zilgalve Latvian Language Agency
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