1. Institutional Login

With institutional logins you are de facto logging to a familiar page of your home institution and you are using credentials you already remember. The full procedure is bit more complicated - you initiate the login at our service, you are redirected to your institution and only after successfully logging there you are redirected back. Your insitution acts like a sort of a proxy for the multitude of services available in all the CLARIN Centres.

2. Your Institution is not Listed

In case your institution is not listed (but please try searching all the available countries and maybe also using the english name of your institution) the preffered approach is to create an account with CLARIN. After you obtain your account, proceed to login with institution called "Clarin.eu website account".

When you click a logout button in any of our applications you are logged out from that application only; the sp session and idp session are still active. In practice this means when you try to log in again you might not be able to select an idp (the one you've used the last time is remembered) or you might not be asked to enter username/password on your idp page (if you select the same idp, the idp remembers you for some time). You can get more information about why single logout is hard at Shibboleth wiki.

If you need to share your machine (eg. for a presentation) use anonymous/incognito mode of the browser or close the browser (not just a tab); additionaly you might want to remove the cookies.